Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A personally inspired craft

My interest about cooking started way back and until now i am always inspired to explore and develop this personal craft. I used to be observant whenever I got invited on some of parties/gatherings. I looked at how foods were being prepared, mixed, seasoned and presented . I thought to myself that someday, I can try cooking this food. :)
At first I had to practice cooking some basic home menus that eventually become the usual/ordinary family meal. Later on I tried pasta dishes and I personally find it as one of my favorites. I can remember the first spaghetti I made, it was a mess! :( The pasta was not proportioned with the sauce. That was a lesson learned anyway.

While browsing a local newspaper, I read an advertisement on culinary training by Pangkabuhayan Seminar Center. I called their office and inquired about the kind of training they offered that interested me. I enrolled on the business technology and livelihood training course on international cuisine. It was a lecture and hands-on training on samples of international cuisines like-- Hungarian, American, Japanese, Italian, Mexican and French dishes. I was taught the right way to slice onions, garlic, and tomatoes. In every cuisine, there is a proper way of slicing meat and fish. You might think it is complicated but that is the art of cooking. It was a short time training but it developed and enhanced my skill and i learned a lot from it.


I find these kitchen tools best in terms of performance and durability;

1) TEFAL Brand

TEFAL invented the non-stick frying pan and created the non-stick cookware category.
By doing so, it was simply making every cook's life easier.It was also setting itself on an endless course towards innovation. TEFAL ’s brand design expresses with pertinence a strong ingenuity which can be appreciated by all.Practical functions, innovating and durable, which stand out thanks to a visible, understandable and obvious ingenuity.Forms which clearly reveals, expresses and emphasizes ingenuity and function.Honest, generous, open and present-day, without being fashionable.
An expression which finds its place in various life style environments.


Sunnex provides complete service to customers, from drafting, mould making, to producing finished products. Their knowledge of stainless steel materials and experience in forming deep-drawn items with a variety of shapes, depth, and sizes earns reputation as one of the few high quality manufacturer of stainless steel.


Oven to table to freezer in one dish. Casseroles and serving bowls nest for easy, convenient storage. Durable, crack and chip resistant ceramic stoneware .Non porous surface does not absorb food odors, flavors or stains. Designed for use in oven, microwave, refrigerator and freezer.Dishwasher Safe.


PYREX glassware products can go directly from refrigerator or freezer to a microwave, convection, or preheated conventional oven. A small amount of liquid should be added to the ovenware vessel prior to baking foods that release liquids while cooking.
• PYREX glassware is non-porous glass, so it won’t absorb food flavors, odors, or stains.
• PYREX glassware is non-reactive, so acid-based recipes, including tomato-based sauces, lemon-infused dishes and vinegar-based poultry sauces can be prepped and baked without affecting the result of the recipe.
• Made in America, PYREX glass products are microwave and dishwasher safe.


Mugs and serving bowls

When people say cooking is an art, they are spouting nothing but the truth. Stop looking upon cooking as a boring chore and think of it as a means of expressing your creativity. Look upon the food you create as your individual creation and not only will you start taking pride in your cooking, you will also love the challenges that it provides you.

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