Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Furnishings & Decors

These ceramics and decorative jars enhanced my little kitchen. The ceramics are glossy-like with floral and fruit designs. I bought them at reasonable price in the mall. The decorative jar's contents are non-edible garlic, pepper and beans soaked in a solution and safely sealed to prevent spoilage. The wooden furniture attached to the wall is just a perfect place for them.

I like to see these different kinds of magnetic decorations on the fridge door. Some of the country souvenirs (Australia,Hongkong,Singapore & Ireland) were given by friends and the rest were bought in a retail store.I hope to receive more of the country souvenirs to include here in my collection. :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Deliciously Bam-i

I cooked this Bam-i Guisado(saute'of 2 noodles)for lunch. In a pan or large wok, sautee garlic and onion, then add one at a time the shrimps,pork, and chicken. Season with salt and pepper. Add stock and boil for 10 minutes. Put carrots, celery, bell pepper and mung bean noodles and cook for 5 minutes then add egg noodles, toss and continue to cook for a further 3 minutes. Adjust seasonings to taste, then transfer to a serving platter. Garnish with chopped spring onion.Lunch time was so full with satisfied tummies savoring this hearty meal that nourished and sustained the day...Burrrrpp...:)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kitchen Buddies

Electric Pot and Rice Cooker

These are the appliances on my kitchen and each one is suited for everyday use. The electric pot (thermos) has a capacity of 3.8 liters of water. You can boil it for a coffee/milk drink, baby formula, oat meals, soups, sauces and many more. The boiling time has a maximum of 10-15 minutes depending on the water content. It has a safety lock features for kids' protection on top of the cover and a lamp indicator for boiling and keeping warm.
The rice cooker is used almost everyday. It has the maximum capacity of 10 cups of rice. As a general instruction, the water content depends on how many cups of rice to cook. That is how you will base the water level to the cooker. The maximum cooking time is 20-30 minutes depending on the number of cups of rice. Its features are easy to operate like cook and keep warm. Unlike any other rice cooker, this one doesn't require an extended time for keeping warm. After the warm button goes up, you can detached it from the electrical outlet and let it stay for minutes. The thick plate of the cooker is hot enough to completely cook the rice. Besides rice cooking, this is also a multi-cooker for steaming, boiling and stir frying. Appliances are very beneficial in times when there are visitors or my relatives stay at home and these buddies really serve a purpose.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Meals this weekend

Time just flies fast and its sunday again. It's a great weekend just staying at home doing household chores and cooking sumptuous and healthy dishes. For lunch I prepared this Kinilaw dish.The ingredients include tuna (sliced into cubes), chopped onions, garlic & ginger,siling labuyo (hot chili),leeks,vinegar,calamansi, salt and cucumber (sliced). Just mix all the ingredients and kinilaw is ready to serve.
I also prepared tilapia ( a fresh water fish ) marinated in calamansi, salt, pepper and soy sauce for 30 minutes.Deep fry in cooking oil ( use canola or olive oil ) until golden brown and crisp.Put cucumber as side dish.

Eggplants were relatively low in price this weekend so i bought a kilo of it. I made an eggplant omelet and it was easy preparing this meal because I just had to grill the eggplants then peel off the skin After that dip into a mixture of beaten eggs seasoned with salt & pepper then fry until golden brown.
Dick and Anne were having a pleasant and relaxing weekend savoring these meals that i cooked.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Recipe Book

While shopping at National Bookstore, I purchased a recipe book titled --- Flavors of the Philippines - A Culinary Guide to the Best of the Islands by Glenda Rosales-Barreto. It offers an introduction to Asia's most comforting and pleasuring cuisine. The earlier influences of Malay, Chinese and Spanish cooking combined with the nation's abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and seafoods have resulted in an explosion of flavors and tastes that pleases the senses and satisfies the appetite. For the very first time the taste of Philippines cuisine is captured in a collection of recipies echoing the diverse gastronomic influences and cooking traditions of Philippine islands. The flavors of the Philippines leads you on a culinary journey through the different regions of the country, from the bustling city of Manila, to exotic Palawan down to diverse city of Davao as you encounter the refreshing halo-halo, a spicy kinilaw, the incomparable adobo and many, many more.The recipies in this cookbook were collected to showcase the best of the islands.

Spice up your Cooking

I found out this brand McCormick as one of the best in enhancing the taste of food. Since then I've been using its products and the following can be found on my kitchen pantry;

Black Pepper (ground)
- add to salad dressings, meat and chicken marinades, vegetable and meat sauces, stews & gravies.

- use in all lamb dishes. Crush & add to marinades for meat and poultry, stuffings,broiled fish,potatoes, cauliflower, zucchini, seafoods and breads.

- combine with butter to serve over vegetables. Add to stuffing, fish chowder, meat loaf, seafood, tomato and cheese dishes.

- use in green salads and salad dressings. Add to chicken, veal and fish. Excellent in bernaise and other sauces. Add to eggs, carrots, tomatoes and peas.

Cayenne Pepper (ground)
- use in barbecue sauce, seafood sauce, bean dip, tomato juice and omelets. Adds zip to vegetable soup, cheese spreads, deviled crab and lobster.

Turmeric (ground)
- use 1/8 tcp. in 1 cup rice for color. Add to water when cooking noodles and potatoes. Use in making pickles, relish and salad dressing.

Garlic (powder)
- widely used in a variety of soups, meats, sauces, dressings, vegetables and almost any other dishes requiring its distinctive sharp and pungent flavor. 1/8 teaspoon is equivalent to one garlic clove.

Vegetable cooking - A Healthy way for the body and budget

Vegetables have been an important part of my diet that is why i always incorporate it mostly in my daily cooking. I like green leafy vegetables like malunggay, camote tops, kangkong, saluyot, pechay, cabbage and lettuce. You can add it to stews, soups and salad dishes. Vegetables provide lots of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. They are nutrients loaded yet you get only few calories.

The food preparation of vegetables is just easy because it does not require much time.The ingredients are simple, convenient and budget friendly. You can buy them in cheaper prices either by piece, kilo or per pack.

By including vegetables in our meal plan, we are making healthy food choices and practicality in today's life.