Monday, April 6, 2009

Menu of the Day

I cooked for lunch today
this Kare-kareng Pata ( Pork Hind in Peanut Sauce )
and here's the preparation.


* 1/2 kilo pork hind sliced
* 1 medium pc. onion
* 2 cloves garlic
* salt to taste
* 1 pack McCormick peanut sauce mix
* 400 grams banana heart, quartered
* 100 grams string beans, cut into 5cm. length
* 2 medium size eggplants, cut diagonally
* 250 grams pechay (chinese cabbage)

Cooking procedure:

Boil pork hind and cook until meat is tender. Add peanut sauce mix and banana heart and bring to boiling point while stirring continously until the sauce reaches a thick but flowing consistency. Put onion, garlic and salt according to taste. Add eggplants, string beans and pechay. Cook for further 5 minutes. Serve hot. Arrange on a large serving platter surround with vegetables and top with the thick sauce. You can serve with a side dish of sauteed shrimp paste but for this menu i choose to adjust the taste so that there is no need to ingest more salt which is not good for health.

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