Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You're the 1, Goldilocks

My work has been very stressful due to the bulk of transactions almost every day. One time I attended a client and she has many inquiries regarding her application. There were complicated problems and that I should finished it with a diligent effort that day. After careful and thorough processing, I was able to solve the client's problem. I got off from the office almost 6:00 in the evening and very exhausted of the day's work transactions particularly of that client alone.

On the next day, I was feeling hungry and craving for some sweets.

Unexpectedly, the client that I helped came in the office to see me. She brought me my favorite Ube Macapuno Roll Cake from Goldilocks.

She said that it was her way of being grateful for the help that I extended to her. It was a blessing to received such unexpected thoughtfulness.

The whole cake was iced with Ube butter icing and the surface was decorated with rich macapuno strings topped with rosettes, violet chocolate toppers and sprinkled with colored vermicelli.

The combination of Ube and Macapuno made the cake so delicious that my craving for that day was perfectly satisfied.

You're the 1, Goldilocks because you really made my day.

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