Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sweet Oranges

The city is experiencing hot,dry spell weather for almost two months now. It feels like being deep fried under the sun. I always buy these sweet oranges because it quenches thirsts as it hydrates the body of the pulps and juices. One healthy fruit to eat everyday. Always include oranges in your daily servings.

Saturday Dinner

I got a chance to dined this evening again with LynLyn and Kuya. We had some important things to talked about so as to make the evening get through we went to a newly opened restaurant of Penongs. The foods we ordered were kinilaw, chicken barbecue,fruits in season and a pitcher of iced tea. Simple but heavenly meals share together. We had lots of chats and updates. Typical Filipino dishes with delicious tastes. I feel bloated and satisfied this evening.:)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cooking Ingredients

Quality ingredients that I would always consider in my cooking passion are the products of Del Monte. I personally believe in the good taste when cooking various recipes using the products like sauces,pasta,condiments,ketchup and many more. Foods prepared using  these tomato paste and special sauce are really yummy. These are one of my key ingredients when I cooked the penne pasta. Surely one of the best cooking partners for me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reds' Cinnamon Roll

A pack of six pieces cinnamon rolls that I bought from Red Ribbon. I like breads with spice of cinnamon and the aromatic taste is just so yummy. These rolls are speckled with ground cinnamon and topped with raisins and nuts. One perfect partner for my morning coffee. Have a great red day to all!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Penne for Hearts Day

Penne Pasta in Creamy Beef Sauce

One special menu that I cooked this Valentines day. Penne (pasta in short tubes with diagonally cut ends) boiled al dente. Lean ground beef saute in olive oil, butter, onions and garlic. Creamy sauces,tomato paste and diced tomato in can were added to give some flavors. Chopped green bell peppers and parmesan cheese served as garnishings.  Heavenly taste! I always love cooking pasta dishes.

Birthday Bam-i

It was Valentines Day and at the same time we celebrated the birthday of Tatay. One of the foods that I prepared was Bam-i, a stir-fried menu of two noodles with meat, shrimps and vegetables. Everybody enjoyed this hearty meal and that made the day a celebration. 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chocolate for me

My friend shared this chocolate to me. It was from Germany as the labels written are all  in German language. But in fairness, it is yummy! The bars are filled with crispies and Macadamia nuts. It is not so sweet. Really chocolatey taste in every bite.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Buffet Dinner

I met with Lyn and Kuya for dinner early this evening. We haven't get together like this for the past months because we are busy with our personal lives. Good timing because we had a chance this Saturday. A simple buffet at a nearby downtown restaurant. The foods served were fried chicken,stir fried veggies,sauced clams,sweet&sour pork,fish taosi,fried rice,vegetable salad in sweet dippings, fresh fruits and stir fried noodles. Bottomless iced tea were served before our table. The entire dinner was great with lots of chikas and updates about each other's lives. A great buffet dinner that we enjoyed together.

Queen Torrent

Cooking is my favorite passion and it is always important to keep updated with latest techniques,flavorings and methods in the culinary world. Since most of my searches are online,  I always use the torrents search. Finding some valuable insights and relevant topics about my passion are so easy with the aid of this search. It is also useful for other ideas that you have in mind that you may want some more discussions or details. I even introduced this to my siblings. Anne and Dick have now some ideas that they can use with regards to their search. Maybe I can share this also to Mymy so that she can be acquainted and this is also useful in her blogging activities. Now I am enjoying my searches and it makes my job easy.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Stir fried Sunday

Stir Fried Chicken &Vegetables in Char Siu Sauce

My weekend cooking adventure using char siu sauce. For this menu I stir fried the chicken pieces (breast part) in olive oil until light brown then added vegetables like sayote, carrots, celery stalks and  char siu sauce. Stir well  for 3 minutes until heated through. Garnished with the remaining chopped celery leaves. The honey based flavor of the sauce is perfect for the variety of vegetables. Delectable taste.