Saturday, February 6, 2010

Buffet Dinner

I met with Lyn and Kuya for dinner early this evening. We haven't get together like this for the past months because we are busy with our personal lives. Good timing because we had a chance this Saturday. A simple buffet at a nearby downtown restaurant. The foods served were fried chicken,stir fried veggies,sauced clams,sweet&sour pork,fish taosi,fried rice,vegetable salad in sweet dippings, fresh fruits and stir fried noodles. Bottomless iced tea were served before our table. The entire dinner was great with lots of chikas and updates about each other's lives. A great buffet dinner that we enjoyed together.

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  1. always good to get out and enjoy yourself with your friends. The food sounded really good.

    Have a good day