Friday, May 14, 2010

10 words / Phone System / Technology

I had a chance to talked to my dear friend Julie yesterday using the phone systems that I newly subscribed. We have not heard from each other for the past months and keeping in touch with her and so this call  would require more time for our chats. My new phone system is very good. I never experienced any hard time on the connection. The clarity of voices as well as the signal are very sharp. Connecting overseas is so easy and Julie is just hand reach from me. Our conversation lasted for two hours.Well thats what friends are for and in spite of the distance from Philippines to the US our chats never ends. I update her about my new passion and skills in cooking. She also shared to me  her new recipe from an Italian cook book that she newly purchased from a bookstore. The advancement of the modern technology is very useful as it connects distances and bridging people's lives together.

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