Saturday, August 14, 2010

Servings for FTF

Hello to all food trippers! My food servings for today are truly yummy Filipino dishes.
Bamboo Shoots in Shrimps and Vegetables
Edible shoots boiled well then add shrimps, shrimp paste and garlic cloves. Simmer for few minutes then add sliced okra and saluyot. The slimy broth just tastes so good.

Adobo Special
Pork belly slowly cooked in seasonings- vinegar, salt, pepper,onions,garlic and soy sauce. I used cola (not water) for this menu and had it boiled until very tender using charcoal for about an hour and a half. Garnish with laurel leaves. For me these two menus just blend perfectly when served together with rice.  

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  1. Very special nga ang adobo mo, with cola and the time you spent cooking it,wow!