Friday, October 15, 2010

Special Day treat

I just celebrated my birthday last week and it was a special and meaningful day for me. Another gift of life has been given and I am always grateful for all the provisions of my existence. Since it was my day, I made this special creamy spaghetti. I always believed that good taste of food comes from quality of ingredients. I used here the thin kind of spaghetti (Italian kind). The sauce includes ground beef/pork, tomato &cheese sauce, chopped carrots, mushrooms, seasonings and spices.Top with melted cheese, the  enjoyment of  the :"creamylicious" taste were shared by my siblings and friends. I am happy to share my cooking in todays FTF. Happy weekend everyone!


  1. yummy!
    i love pasta with lots of cheese!

    happy (belated) birthday! :)

    here's my FTF entry

  2. Gosh,kakatapos ko lang mag lunch,I'm drooling na naman!Yan ba naman ang handa mo sa FTF eh^_^Belated Happy Birthday.Best wishes po!

    Food Trip Friday

  3. new here...but first, belated happy birthday! :) love your pasta...super cheesy! :) happy weekend!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday and oh-so-creamy and cheesy spaghetti, love it!!!

  5. ang sarap naman nang spaghetti.. I actually cooked last night and I still have some left. It was requested by my DH. And am glad he requested. Mine, I put milk though the cheese I won't melt it, next time I will do it like this. Thanks for sharing! And belated happy birthday! :)

    Here's my food Trip Friday though not spaghetti, I will share it next time. :)