Friday, November 12, 2010

3-Life Insurance No Medical Exam-RR Opportunity

I just open my new food & catering restaurant business and I have mixed feelings until this time. Coordinating, contacts to suppliers, marketing details, location set ups, manpower management and many more. Anyway this is part of being a single proprietor business. I am aware of what I am doing and just hoping that this would run smoothly in the next months.  I have some staffs who are very important part of my business. The waiters, chef, cashier and accountant. All in all I have 20 personnel who handles the operations. One of their benefit as my employees is an insurance. I applied an Online Life Insurance for all of them so that they will have protection while in service to the restaurant. This way I am also at peace with my people's welfare as well as their respective families. The insurance was an easy deal for me because I did it through the internet. There are plenty of great offers online so just check out for more insurance details.

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