Wednesday, November 3, 2010

restaurant business cards

My newly opened business is doing great at this time. It is almost two months now since it last opened. That was a very stressful time because I was starting and there were so many plans, ideas and decisions to consider. I am thankful now that the business is slowly in place. Some of my close friends already dined and tasted the great flavors of my food. I sent to each and everyone of them my personalized business card which also served as an invitation. When my beauty stylist Maricel received the invitation, she was so happy to see the nice and unique card. She asked favor from me on where did I ordered such calling cards. She was interested to have some makeup artist business cards too for her salon. I helped her by showing some online ideas about the cards. There are lots of designs, styles, templates and printing ideas to choose and I hope by now she already availed the great offers of the site. 

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