Monday, March 28, 2011

Sweet pasalubong

My office mate just arrived from her one week out of town vacation. She gave as a present a sweet masareal. A candy bar made of sweetened peanuts flavored with milk and other sweet ingredients. It is wrapped in white paper and very convenient to eat as a dessert after meal. This also one of my favorite and I enjoyed every bite of the bar. How thoughtful of her to give me the masareal. Thanks for the sweetness.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Storage Units

I was having a hard time during the renovation of my home particularly the kitchen. I had to rearrange and set aside the clutters so that the carpenters and masons could have enough spaces to did their work. Good thing there is a Storage Slough that helped me a lot on my personal belongings. They offered me a safe, secured and clean rooms for my things while I was busy in the renovation. What I admired was their quality and good service for me. I am very appreciative of their efforts. The next time I will need storage units they would  always be my choice.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dining with Lyn

I spent my Saturday afternoon with Lyn and she treated me for a dinner in a specialty restaurant. We ordered just one menu-- special stir fried seafood and meat rice noodles. The serving was so bountiful that we got bloated to consumed it. The noodles were so tasty with pork, shrimps, vegetables (cabbage, carrots, leaks & celery). Chatting over a delicious meal was just as good as ever. This was her way of sharing her blessings on her new job. Thank you for the treat.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flooring by Sears Home Improvement (Feb)

Another important detail of my home improvement especially in the kitchen is the floor area. I want it this time to be modern in look by changing the color scheme. When I consulted an interior designer, he told me that it would not be as expensive as I thought it to be. One recommendation he gave was to Laminate Floor and create some details to achieve the look that I want. A kind of modern flooring improvement that is popular not just here but also in other first world countries. I like his recommendation and hopefully when my finances will be completed this week, I can start the renovation immediately.

Thrifty meals

Life is hard nowadays and I have to budget my needs and also my meals. I meet with my friend and we decide to have lunch together. She knows of a  cafeteria that serves affordable and nice tasting foods. Our lunch includes a cup of rice, chicken asado with side vegetables, stir fry noodles and sweetened banana. I choose not to have soft drinks but just a cold water. I feel full and contented with our lunch together today. This is about being practical these days where budget is so important.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Online Blinds

I am very busy at present on the kitchen renovation at home. One of my main concern is the dining area. I am planning to make it very modern and elegant because its been always my dream to have a high tech and state of the art personal kitchen. I am choosing roller blinds  particularly the wooden kind for the windows. I like the simple yet beautiful design as shown in the picture. I had been using the plastic kind of blinds long time ago and I think the wooden kind now best fit to my new kitchen. Personally I do not settle for less. This investment is worth it and I am already excited to see my new kitchen a few weeks from now.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Frying Pan

One of the utensils to add in my kitchen is this teflon coated fry pan from Sunnex. I got this as a door prize during our office Christmas party. A very convenient, easy to cook utensil where I can use for fast frying meals like eggs, hotdogs, fish and seafoods. However it is advisable to use the non-stick pan quickly and that it should be not stayed too long on fire.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Storage Units

When I started the preparation of my restaurant business I can say that it was  very hard especially in transporting the furnitures, fixtures, equipments and other necessary items. Good thing I was able to hire the  services of a company who is a reliable expert in transfers and storage.  The Storage Leicester was able to help me organized my important things and even gave recommendations in my storage problems. I had a hard time organizing so many items especially in the catering business because there are lots of details to handle. I thought everything was valuable and that it needed to be placed in a safe and convenient location. Now I have peace of mind and confident enough of my properties that is well taken cared of by a reputable storage company.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Back on FTF

Its nice to be back again on  today's Food Trip Friday. I was so busy for the past weeks and just had time to cook last weekend this  Beef Salpicao. I found the recipe from a magazine and so my passion urged me to cooked this dish at home. Choice cuts of lean beef (cubed) were marinated in soy sauce, garlic and seasonings for two hours. Fry the beef cuts one at a time. Set aside. In the same pan, sauté garlic and chopped green chili then add the beef cuts. Simmer in low fire for few minutes. Serve hot. An appetizing meal for lunch or dinner.  Happy weekend to all!

Guitar Lessons

I am having an out of town vacation in my cousins' home and my stay with her family is so great. Its been quite sometime since I met her family. I think 5 years already .The kids are now grown ups and busy excelling in their individual crafts. Yesterday I accompanied the second child named Bea on her guitar lessons. She was taught the basic skills and techniques about the guitar. I was thinking it  hard especially for the beginners because you need to understand the basics about the lessons. Some on line help about this lesson will also do so my niece often browse and do searches through the Internet to know more about this great skill.