Friday, March 4, 2011

Guitar Lessons

I am having an out of town vacation in my cousins' home and my stay with her family is so great. Its been quite sometime since I met her family. I think 5 years already .The kids are now grown ups and busy excelling in their individual crafts. Yesterday I accompanied the second child named Bea on her guitar lessons. She was taught the basic skills and techniques about the guitar. I was thinking it  hard especially for the beginners because you need to understand the basics about the lessons. Some on line help about this lesson will also do so my niece often browse and do searches through the Internet to know more about this great skill.


  1. Cool!! it maybe hard for the start but as soon as the day goes by, she will learn and play more resources is a good way of improving her guitar skills with the help of easy guitar lessons, video tutorial etc.

  2. great!

    I really wish to learn how to play a guitar, so I am looking for free guitar chords for beginners.. hope you can help me. thanks in advance!