Friday, July 15, 2011

Food Tripping with Callos

My plan of cooking Callos ( Tripe and Sausage) menu was finally realized last weekend. This is my own version of cooking this savory stew that I wanted to share for FTF.
Half kilo beef tripe, cooked until tender
Sausages, sliced
Carrots, cubed
Potatoes, cubed
Tomato sauce
Tomato paste
green peas
fish sauce
ground pepper
cooking oil (olive/canola)
Fresh green peas
Broth (from boiled tripe)
Cooking procedure:
In a large casserole. saute onions and garlic in cooking oil in. Add sliced beef tripe, sausages, tomato sauce, tomato paste. Pour the broth then simmer for ten minutes. Add seasonings and salt to taste. Add cubed potatoes, carrots and green peas. Simmer again until the vegetables are through. Serve immediately. Happy food tripping to everyone! You can see some more delicious posts by clicking the badge above.


  1. Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe.

  2. i believe it's the chorizo bilbao that gives callos its distinctive flavor. looks yummy.

  3. looks so tasty. i never tried making one yet but i hope someday, somehow...thanks for sharing your recipe! visiting from FTF, have a great week. :)