Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lets talk bread

Bread is one favorite food by everyone. At home I always see to it that I have a loaf or some pieces to eat when someone's hungry or wants to have some snacks. As always food exploration is my passion in the mall. I found these pieces of quality and delicious breads that were worth a purchase. Quite pricey from the usual bread that i bought but the taste was so satisfying  for me. These consist of croissant, herb sprinkled with some egg and a pork stuffed with special fillings. I cannot recall the names of these breads but really they are delicious and worth a taste.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mini Hungarian sausages

I love preparing breakfast meals at home. One morning, my relatives visited and one of the menu that I served for them was this mini Hungarian sausages. I bought it in a specialized deli shop that sold imported sausages. It was so delicious. The blend of spices in the sausages were just right in every bite. Everyone enjoyed eating my breakfast serving for them. I hope to cook some more gourmet dishes like this again.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sweet Honey

I always buy a bottle of honey for home. This is an all natural product that has many good health benefits. It can also be used as ingredients for baking and cooking too. I often make it as a substitute of sugar as a sweetener in my  morning coffee, tea or chocolate drinks. Just be sure to look for the real one because there are lots of imitation sold in the market which claims as real honey. I just love the taste of the sweet honey and that keeps me  to have another bottle of it this time.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wooden Dining Set

This is the dining set of table and chairs at home made from a hardwood named molave.  It has been serving the family dining for more that eleven years now. I think we were fortunate to bought a wooden set of this years back because now seldom you can see a molave hardwood furniture. The kind of wood is slowly diminishing actually. We had it made to order and it took more than a  month to be delivered at home. The durability and quality of the wood are very good as it can resists to the wear and tear of using. I hope this dining set would serve and last for many more years at home.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Yummy Doughnuts

I am always interested to try tasting some new food especially on the mall. When a doughnut house opened in the mall months ago I see to it that I tried tasting their product. These three yummy doughnuts were so tempting. Creamy and sweet in every bite. The variety of flavors gives me that cravings to try everything. There are still many flavors that i have not tasted yet. When I have time again soon, these doughnuts are always worth a taste.